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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuxedo Vs. Suit for a wedding?

wedding suit
wedding suit

The question:
"Should I wear a tuxedo or a wedding suit for my wedding? Seriously, do not even know the difference."
-TOMThe answer:
Good question. The main physical difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the presence of satin. Normally satin lapel tuxedo front buttons, linings and pocket a satin band on the side of the pant leg. Bats do not include any satin and usually have plastic knobs or buttons or who are struggling with the same fabric as the jacket (also known as automatic buttons.)
Regarding accessories, tuxedos are traditionally worn with a bow tie and vest or belt, while the costumes are traditionally worn with a long loop, either alone or with a matching jacket. This does not mean that you can not wear a tie with a suit or tie along with a tuxedo. You can. This is just the opposite is more common and traditional. Of course there are exceptions to every rule.

Now, as to whether you should wear a suit or a tuxedo for your wedding one that has less to do with physical differences and more to do with the different messages that a tuxedo and a suit sent. Here are our thoughts:
This day belongs to you and your wife-to-be and two you can dress as you want. But the truth is that you can wear a nice suit for a wedding and I am very handsome and dressed, but so can everyone present. You can also use the same color for work and I feel very well together in any other day of the year. For your wedding, you'll want to use something that is itself so far and apart from the rest. This is where a tuxedo
Point for your wedding dress is not just to look better. This is a big part of it, but also to celebrate their marriage in a package that is designed for this purpose. The wedding day is a special day and deserves a particular dress code.
A lawsuit says that you are well organized, competent Member spirited and production company. That is why they are perfect for the workplace and less formal social functions. But a tuxedo says more than that. A tuxedo said: "I have come to share this moment with you, I would be out of place anywhere but here Nowhere I'd rather be ..."
Besides that, when done correctly, you will never look better than you in a well-made, well-made tuxedo.

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