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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Standard Black Custom Suit

 Black Custom Suit

It is made of good quality wool which refects rich and gives a nice and soft touch,A black suit is a must have suit for every man for the daily wearing.Besides it is tailored made according to your specific measurements.Fit suit always makes you look sharp and vigorous.To be impressive when you meet your clients,a tailored suit is what you want.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Au Suit FAQ

1: What if I'mm not satisfy with the suit?

     All the suits are backed by our perfect fit guarantee.If the suit does not fit you,we provide a alteration fee up to 30$ to alter the suit in a local tailor shop.

2: How do you delivery the orderhow long it usually takes?

      We cooperate with World`s best express company DHL.All the orders are all delivered by air,and you will receive it in 2weeks.Also the shipping is free.
3: What if i am not confident in the measurement?

      However if you are not sure about the measurement,just send the picture of yourself together with your measurement.Our master tailors can tell whether
      your measurements are proper according to the picture.
4: Can i get a fabric sample before i order the suit i like?
      Of course.we provide this service.and the shipping is also free,you just only pay the fabric samples.
5:  What if i do not like the suit at all!

       If you are really not happy with the suit,you can apply for the remakeremake,we will do our best to make you satisfy.
6: What is the craftsmanship of the suit?

      All the suits are half canvas by hand.It is not fused.
7: What is the fabric of the suit?

       We use 100%wool super 100s.
8:Can i add a vest made of the same fabric as that of the two piece suit i like?

     Yes,of course.we can make it for you.
9: What if i want to order a suit but not available on AU Suit?

       We are a manufacturehave plenty of fabrics of different can send us the picture of the send.if there are the same fabric,we can make if for you.
10: Why the price is cheaper than others?

        We are a manufacturer of suitsupplying suits to all the retailers worldwide which also including some online custom menswear clothiers, perhaps you bought suits from them before.
11: Do you offer any discount?.

    If you order more than 5 suits including can get a 20% discount of the order.
12: Can i get the tracking number for my order?

    Once the product is sent,we will email you with the tracking number.
13: What countries do you ship to?

      We ships worldwide to most the us if your location is missing.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Modern Chambray Shirt

 Chambray Shirt
$ USD 63.00
Fabric: Cotton
Yarn:100% Cotton
Occasion: Business Leisure Party
Modern chambray shirt,fashionable style of dress shirt.It uses mutiple colors which is a good option for people who want to look trendy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Myth:The Access of The Fabric Should Not be as Thick as Possible

When A lot of friends buy clothing, they always think that the fabric is the thicker the better, which is a huge misunderstanding here, the real situation is not so, but it is expensive Pu than the thick material, many people do not know the reason,here we have the expertise to be a description for them to learn from reference purposes.

Highly developed modern technology today, it is the pursuit of natural, texture, treasure apparel products, and fabric raw materials have several properties for the people in the world today, more of this is not enough, so let its more Greek missing, it is more like, so the cycle continues, it becomes a habit of the people, it became natural to pursue hobbies, which subdivided some parameters to classify the more expensive varieties, it is similar natural products to the more the thinner the better, the woven fabric of the finer things of course, the more.

soft&luxurious suit wool

Second, the modern chemical technology is also perfect degree, many chemical synthetic fiber quality no less than natural fibers, the higher requirements of science and technology, easily the chemical fiber spinning out of course, is thick or hard fabrics, good fine drape fabric full of chemical fiber spinning out naturally thinner, the higher the cost, reflected is good.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Well-cut Suit

A well-custom made suit pic is not just a fashion statement. Some argue that this is the kind of thing that can help determine the extent to which the scale of the business you are going and if you can stay there for a period of layoff.

Even before the financial markets went south, entrepreneurs tried to dress for the occasion. Categories as men, including suits, suit separates and sport coats, increased by 7% overall in 2007, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. In the current climate, however, are essential and we must pay attention to detail when shopping for them.
Depth: Anatomy of a well-cut suit

"The costumes should be considered investment pieces," says Michael Fisher, menswear editor at Stylesight, a trend forecasting firm. "Because men should do some research before buying a new car should attention to detail of a costume, because it hangs in your closet for a while. "


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shawl Lapel Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo
$ USD 299.00
Fabric: 100%wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: wedding and party
Shawl lapel wedding tuxedo,classic style and elegant look,Suit up this suit,no doubt it will be very impressive.Furthermore,it is a fully canvassed and beautifully tailored suit. is professional in custom suit,exclusive designed,full canvas tailored suit Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Men's Shirts in Classic model

dress shirt

Our non-iron shirts are as attractive as our other shirts, but don’t need an iron to make them look good. Made from scrumptious two-fold 100% cotton and cut for a standard classic model shirt fit.

• 100% two-fold non-iron cotton
• Classic collar
• Single or double cuff
• Complimentary brass collar stiffeners
• Traditional Jermyn Street shirt fit
• Machine washable at 40 degrees

There is no reason why a non-iron dress shirt should feel any less soft and pleasant to the touch than a regular cotton shirt, and the method also helps the shirt keep its shape after a machine wash, as non-iron shirt fabric absorbs far less water, which helps prevent not just creases, but also shrinking.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suits For Men

A suit-wearing manner for Men commonly follows the same guiding principle used by men. Only the disparity are illustrated here.

For women, a blouse takes the position of a white dress shirt. Blue and pink blouse are also noticed. Women have more latitude in choosing their top when compared to men have in choosing their shirt. On some occasion a high-quality knit top replace the blouse; this is not generally accepted but is frequent, mostly if the top is made of a luxurious fabric.

Men normally do not put on neckties with their tailored suit. A fancy silk scarf that looks like a floppy ascot tie were fashionable in North America in the 1970s, worn with pant suit. At that instance women enters into the white-collar workforce in plenty and their dress fashion mimic men's business wear. The scarves are not well-liked in modern usage; nearly all women couple their suit with either a subdued choker or no neckwear at all.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Man’s suit

The lawsuit is the usual form prescribed menswear in the Western world. The recent trial and appear in the 19th century, but traces of the original hair simplified procedure, costume dress and well known by British King Charles II in the 17th century and refined, adapted and popularized during the early 19th century by Beau Brummell groovy British.

Modern dress was once a modernization of men suits 19th century English, usually refers to clothing that was used only in the nation and the sea When the linen and bath time tomorrow wool coats were not complete, and which leads to fun striped pants vest and pants were measured identical casual dress described as such in the short term "ditto suit".

men suits

men suits

men suits

men suits

men suits

men suits

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Features of Professional Suit

Office custom suits can also be very gorgeous, but relative to the evening dress, this gorgeous and not exaggerated and highly elaborate, and only performance in color and texture, such as pearl gray, wine red color, smooth, soft fabric.

tailored suit 
Simplicity should be the basic style of the office suit. Simple first performance of the elements involved in the shape of less, but not be said to be simple, but also a connotation. This requirement is actually low. To this end, the designer should clothing thrown refined, usually structure decorated, changes in practice. Create structural beauty in simple shapes have to be faithful to use the image of the structure, the decoration should focus on the practical effect. Princess line is an example of both closing the waist, to play a structural sense, and that two beautiful arc aesthetic pleasure. So complex liner and lining did not, embroidery and lace are greatly simplified. Tianjin wear various dividing lines and structure lines are combined contour according to the natural shape of the human body becomes relatively straight. The final performance for the simplicity and elegance of pure tones.
 tailored suit

Rigorous profession, this career clothing should be rigorous, which is the same strain also called Biaoliruyi. Strict performance of the office suite: wear a symmetrical structure fit the scale, crisp cloth; formal wear - clothes buttons is not casually simply want to buckle on the buckle, for Solution solution, skirt, long stockings do not want to wear to wear, and would like to take off on off.

 tailored suit
Orthodox Basic office suite. Which clothing varieties will have an office suite such orthodox, so meticulous. Because the work environment needs orthodoxy, the image in the white-collar work needs to be orthodox, so easy to get the confidence of others, their own work and have confidence. To this end, the office suite is not the shape of the bells and whistles, but only with the rules, symmetrical structure Tianjin wear mature color habits, such as blue and gray tones, dark coffee hue; new processes, new materials generally not used in the first in this area. Office suite easily be regarded as a classic.
tailored suit

Coordination is the overall sense, it is pooled from the shape, color, fabric and other factors selected after a whole. Specific operation is a "commanding", an entry point, up by those it will detail "string", such as using the same color, the same texture or the same contour commanding a costume detail at the contrast also need to take friends in "the same".
 tailored suit

Some pure office custom made suit like Japanese school uniforms. Now the white-collar workers who are young, well-educated, have a good professional and foreign language foundation, but the mind is not very complicated, and very interested in fashion. Such as Kazakhstan Korea , is their favorite, sought after. Businesses to seize this opportunity, so we see a pure office suite, a new generation of white-collar workers saw this costume dress up, they staid while passionate, dynamic and efficient.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Short History of Custom Suit

Before the American Civil War, ready-made (also called ready-to-wear) apparel existed but its variety was limited. Mainly coats and jackets (known as outerwear) and undergarments were purchased using predetermined sizes. Most tailored suit was made by tailors or by individuals or their family members at home.

tailored suit

The Civil War was a pivotal event in the historical development of men's Custom Suit. At the outset of the Civil War, most uniforms were custom-made in workers' homes under government contract. As the war continued, however, manufacturers started to build factories that could quickly and efficiently meet the growing demands of the military. Mass production of uniforms necessitated the development of standard sizes. Measurements taken of the soldiers revealed that certain sets of measurements tended to recur with predictable regularity. After the war, these military measurements were used to create the first commercial sizing scales for men.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Matthewaperry Shirt

dress shirt

A matthewaperry shirt is a collarless men's casual wear pullover shirt, characterize by a 10 cm to 15 cm (4-6") long placket underneath the round neckline, typically having 2-5 buttons. It essentially looks like a collarless polo shirt. The sleeves may be either short or long sleeve, or it can be made in almost any cloth, even though cotton, and cotton-polyester blends, and thermals are by far the trendiest. Henley shirts are generally consider as menswear.

They were so named since this particular fashion of shirt was the traditional uniform of rowers in the English township of matthewaperry-on-Thames.

Originally quite admired in the early 1990s,  matthewaperry dress shirt have lately made a fashion riposte, particularly in Western country such as the United States and Canada, but also in some East Asian country such as Japan and Korea.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maintenance Suits

tailored suit

First, the basic maintenance
In any case, if you do not wear a tailored suit, must stay the proceedings and take things pockets.Withdraw tape because our clothing is easy to deform to weights.perhaps can see the costumes that you purchased with their pockets are sewn is in order to maintain the shape of the dress, many models to keep a jacket, not to mention how lazy on the cell phone in your pocket, wallet these heavy objects, so it can prolong the lifetime of each set of actions except in the long-term costs of clothing.

 tailored suit
Secondly, to restore the link
Occasional handling the situation continues to be a suit, tie, tie Goodwill store sewing elastic telescopic more, if your long-term prevention attach restored, even better adaptation to make ends soon.

 tailored suit
Thirdly, the liner must be ironed
No shirt board is the absence of the mind, people think you're a lazy one.Not paid attention to the custom suits do people come to you do not pay attention to the mentality that the face of the work. I am afraid that just as you are about the occasional picture of it, after all, the likes and dislikes of our people, influenced by the port packing

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to Choose Shirts For Business

dress shirt


A wide variety of men's style dress shirt, social events, formal occasions, dress or casual wear with parties that best reflects the personality and taste of a man, sometimes also involves the question of etiquette, such opportunities for this type of shirt or have a lot to learn.
In his professional life, any kind of dress to wear to attend causing, shirt and inseparable. We will show the following two questions: First, what is a summer shirt, what features it has, choosing, second today, the style of the shirt not only numerous, and learn from each fusion style model, is dazzled. This is different than under the collar, sleeves shirt choice? Let's get the summer solstice the collar and sleeves Commerce Raiders.The clean linen casual shirt businessLinen shirt is undoubtedly one of the shirts was the most valuable investment. Other tissues can reduce sweating flax body, the rate of water absorption as silk, rayon, or even several times faster than cotton! Burning sun, natural linen breathable, moisture, textile manufacturing breathe freely. Because of the many benefits of flaxseed and elegant tones back to nature, to be recognized as organic.White shirt = Universal Apparel BusinessIf the height of summer, you can choose a shirt, I would choose a white shirt with high quality. In all cases, more acceptable shirt, which can result in the level, the range, the best personal credibility consequences are still and will remain a white shirt. When coordinating colors, or solid color instead of a suit and a tie. The blank is so effective, it should be explained.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Basic Knowledge of Custom Suits

1.The ColorThere are three colors, white, black, beige, are called "wild colors." Is, then choose to place these colors can not go wrong Coat men. Color should be dark lines. Although, custom  suit gives a clean, fresh impression, elegant, light suit placement test is very competitive. The first note, light suit can not put a shirt and tie of the same color, which should be different between the interior and exterior color. Second, the suit color is difficult to correct the size, try to choose a pinstripe for larger view. Finally, do not forget that the service fee is preferable to choose a dark suit, bright light suit, it will be difficult to win the trust of the boss or client.2.Shoulder onlineWhether the suit fits depends shoulder and lower clothing line suit.The must be reasonable area.Today position sense, most of the costumes are integrated into the shoulder, the shoulder line should be longer than shoulder, the hem of the combination should be long.3.SocksEvery man should have a pair of classic shoes to match the color, it makes a good performance at all times, of course, never overlook the value of socks. Black silk socks is a perfect choice for a gentleman to match their outfits, but do not forget the socks should be long stem to avoid the embarrassment of revealing socks edge.4.BriefcasesWhatever your job is a case to fit your card.To men is largely invisible, are textured towel basic.To choose the color of the towel, the classic black and brown should be given priority because they are easy to match other articles. However, do not use small towel if you are fat, so people feel they are petty.On contrast, the form of tiny people should not be a big case.5.Ties And ShirtsDress shirts and ties a white shirt collocation is scholarship.a is suitable for every occasion and never say fashion.So outside, it is necessary that each prepare a white shirt makes a good variable placement effect with any color rule ties. The placement must be concise.Don `t try to create something new and original, if you are not sure you know your co taste.You unique flavor can not do this kind of shirt and tie placement dislike.The people to some extent reflects the level of sophistication of their interaction with others. Every professional man should have at least a collared shirt buttoned white or light blue. Equality in at least a tie plain dark blue or red wine is used during the day, there must be a link or tie pure black silk damask, when ready to attend an official dinner instead of tying.