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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Stiff Collar ...

Summer Stiff Collar is an opportunity, as every year, a parade of figures ...
Week 1: cheap custom suits , flannel of Turmeric at Holland & Sherry, 370gr, white shirt and plain tie veil, white trousers in cool wool, two-tone moccasins Alden.
Costume acute notch, tropical wool Gorina, 230gr, white shirt collar and blue stripes, black and green thin, gray bow tie with blue and white polka dot bag.


Saharan shirt light mixed wool, cashmere and hemp LSD, dual chest pockets with inverted pleats, large bellows pockets, short sleeves and legs attached shoulder, belt buckle ocelot and old gold metal, cuffed shorts in cotton color cumin.
Breasted jacket wool Windowpane Check Holland & Sherry 400g unlined back, white with blue tiles with two large pockets, pocket fine silk bow tie in dupioni silk, voile shirt light blue cotton pants and blue two-tone brogues Edward Green.
Costume Super light beige caviar 120's Dugdale Brothers 280gr, semi-lined jacket with two buttons, pockets and ticket pocket, pants leg clamp and rear flap pocket, cotton shirt with thin stripes red brick, red bowtie club and brown, beige linen pouch rolled hem and brown oxfords to stretch calf-velvet Bowen.
Windbreaker jacket 'Biarritz' in assembly shirt, seersucker Holland & Sherry 235gr, five buttons, straight cut and large pockets, white shirt and red pants (Updated) in cavalry twill cotton shoes ... sneakers?

September is today, but Stiff Collar extends somewhat the summer with the last summer figurine. Drawn on the opening of Tannhäuser, it is rather high ... color: Costume almost autumnal wool Windowpane Check Holland & Sherry 400g, jacket with pockets, plaid shirt for green, burgundy plain tie and brogues in burgundy cordovan.
Three-button bespoke suits with shawl collar herringbone cashmere Holland & Sherry 310gr, wool trousers and white silk striped blue, shirt with thin red and purple stripes, blue bow tie and boots in purple pea balmoral Aubercy.
Late summer. And unfortunately already. Strong recovery time, including other blogs around me, Parisian Gentleman, The Chouan Cities etc ... And dear readers, thank you for being the rendezvous for those few sketches a little different from the usual SC. I hope that interested you. A Monday! Julien Scavini

Monday, August 12, 2013

Marriage advice that everyone should live

If you are months away from your big day, or just a few short weeks or even days, you might be looking for some quick ways to make more special, cheaper and a little less crazy. This article will help you sort through the madness and reach a happy place where your wedding can be what you intended.
Understand that religious faith will affect both what your wedding looks and your relationship in the future. Examine all aspects of your religion with which you intend to marry and their families too, just so that they are comfortable with your beliefs.
A few days before your wedding, get all the jewelry you intend to wear professionally cleaned. This will help you to shine more as you walk down the aisle, illuminating the beauty you possess. Find great jewelry cleaning and improve the quality of your stones before marriage.
One of the things that you should consider for your guests is to serve white wine instead of red like the drinks at your wedding. Most people will be wearing dresses that have light colors, so you'll want to limit the visibility of spots if they had an accident.
If you or your husband have a great voice, one of the things you can do is sing a song at your wedding. This should be a slow song you spend your future is your soul mate or someone who looks down on you at your wedding.
On the wedding day, make sure you show your parents and the parents of your husband or wife a lot of attention. This is the big day, too, because they finally get to see the child they love to marry after many years of waiting.
Involve your children in your wedding to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Begin therefore start planning by asking them what items they would like to include in the ceremony. You can even have your older you walk down the aisle and give you their new step-parent.
Consider an exotic location for your wedding to make it even more fun and memorable! You can hold your ceremony on a ranch and ride a white horse in the driveway, or have a wildlife refuge and having a pet bring the rings down the aisle. I would not recommend choosing a turtle for the job, though!
Flowers are a very important part of your wedding and you want to get fresh flowers delivered to the site of your reception. Also, make sure the flowers match the theme of your wedding, and the season you are having your wedding in. This will maximize the overall effect of your wedding.
Your wedding is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Planning, while intense and hectic, you will remember a lot less. Follow the tips in this article to see a reduction in feeling frazzled and more control on the same itself.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bespoke suit, made the difference

The man tailored suit is the ideal in terms of costume, because it allows a single garment really adapted to the morphology of the person who wears it.
Cut a bespoke suit is an art to master the material and create a unique piece that will fit one person. Those wishing to make a difference, and attracted by the quality and the unique side, choose the costume as they are in London (Saville Row), Milan, Paris, New York, Bangkok, Hong Hong ....
The bespoke suit is to cut a suit based on their measurements. Whether the suit jacket, pants and in the case of a 3-piece suit vest.
For the jacket, there are a number of style from the cut, the number of buttons, choice of pockets, neck, inside ... can be change at a cut tailored suit.Bespoke suit vs. Costume ready to wear
The tailored suit gives a perfect cut for cut to the exact measurements of the customer.
The costume ready to wear based standard morphologies then in some cases you can change a little, but the result will never be up to the tailored suit.
The bespoke suit allows the customer to choose fabric, style, tone costume, customize the details ... It can really enhance the personality of the man who wears it.
Ready to wear the costume offers a limited choice, and you have a good chance someone is the same as custom vous.Costume
The bespoke suit is a big part in the human, and in fact the price is higher. We can nevertheless order online tailored suits cheap. The client in this case will provide its measures. Some sites like Paolo Sarto offers easy control with a preview and many customization options for a costume from 200 €
The costume ready to wear is generally cheaper because performed by machines. Costumes ready to wear brands, however, can be much more expensive because of marketing. Prices start at € 80 for costumes ready to wear removed from storage.
You have understood as passionate about fashion and wearing suits almost every day to work, we go out ... mainly for bespoke suits. Having done the test order online, providing the right things, we find that it is a good quality but less expensive solution.
Try the cheap custom suit, and more you set yourself apart you spend more. The compliments you receive are well worth a measurement.

Monday, August 5, 2013

What are the trends in Custom Suits?

 If you think men costumes more or less similar from one season to another, you're wrong! Admittedly, sometimes it takes a keen eye to detect subtle fashion men's cheap custom suits because they allow very little imagination, not away as quietly traditional codes. However, costumes meet indeed to trends. Proof with the current fashion.Costumes fitting
Besides the indispensable complement suit for men such as the white shirt and tie, classic unassailables it is easier to wear for several seasons staying in tune with the times, there are cuts costumes changing remarkably.
The slim fit has not finished the heyday of suit and tie, but if you really want to look stylish and modern without having the feeling that you've done anything special, it's a costume very tight for you.
This translates into a fitted jacket with two buttons and shortened trousers tightened at the bottom. The must-have is the fitted cut close to the body but in no case the mode requires you to wear slim fit or extra slim fit and you have a choice, even if it is generally more limited, with the regular and classic fit. To choose, it depends primarily on your size and your shape.

The more traditional cut offers suits with jackets "adjusted" but straight with two or three buttons and the pants also fallen rights. The straight cut is likely if you choose a dark navy gray suit, blue, brown, possibly a false united.
The straight cut is actually slightly curved. Make a difference through fashion details that allow to speak quietly trend slightly contrasting stitching, buttons instead of 2 or 3, the satin or velvet rage.An overview from the creators
Whether or not you intend to buy a suit from a designer couture, identify patterns of these is an ideal option for trends. The plaid suit is available in gray and brown Armani. Brown, taupe and brown invaded the Hugo Boss stores. Burberry reinterprets the classic suit, beside many models to ultra-modern cuts and blows a breath of modernity on costumes rights even with wool herringbone or checkered Prince of Wales, two patterns among the classic suit.
Thus, men bespoke suits are really subject to a number of trends both in cuts as colors and patterns, but if the latest trends does not allow you to find the style that suits you, do not forget that there are many changes every season around the timeless details.

Find the latest styles of cheap Custom Suits

To choose the cut of a suit

Thursday, August 1, 2013

To choose the cut of a suit

Three major criteria:
-The number of buttons,
-The bending of the body of the bespoke suit and pants,
-The shape of the shoulders (Part 1) and Part 2;
and three minor criteria:
-The neck and the width of the lapel
-The bottom of the jacket: The number of slots ease of jacket
-The number and shape of the pockets.
One major criterion: the number of buttons on the jacket

     Jacket six buttons and more: The double-breasted suit
     3-button jacket
     2-button jacket
     One button jacket

PS: For the number button to button, do not forget to consult the reference article!
Two major criteria: the bending of the jacket and tight pants

     The straight cut
     The tight fit
     The slim fit

Major criterion 3: The shape of the shoulders

     Natural shoulders
     The rounded shoulders
     Broad shoulders

One minor criterion: the shape of the neck

     The wide notch collar
     The slight notch collar
     The collar spikes
     Col Thierry Mugler (reverse pass)
     The mandarin collar
     The mandarin collar

2 minor criteria: the number of slots ease of jacket

     No slit
     A central slot
     Two side slits

3 minor criteria: the number and shape of the pockets

     Flap pockets or not
     2 side pockets
     3 pockets, pocket cigar
     wide pockets.

The meaning of "super 100's" to "super 200's!"

Measure minutes better way to enjoy Costume Custom

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Measure minutes better way to enjoy Costume Custom

There are a number of people who want to wear a dress that is made especially for them. This helps them to create their own style statement. In addition, it makes it look more confident and beautiful. Example of such a dress is bespoke suit. They are made to order and the body structure of an individual. There is no doubt that these outfits are a little expensive than readymade garments, but they are worth their cost. Many clothing stores allow a buyer to buy this kind of costume at an affordable price. A person has full independence to choose a fabric of your choice. Some prefer to go with wool fabric, while others are in cotton.

A store may offer designers and tailors who can make this dress for a special person. The decision Shirts Custom starts with taking action. Set the tailor take the measurement. This will determine the length of the collar, sleeves, waist, forearms, etc. A person enjoy the excitement of the design of his shirt in his way. Some may add their own touch to the overall design, which will help them stand out from the crowd. All that is needed to create cheap custom suits  is to contact a good a good shop, which offers experienced on measuring and dress material. To the tailor to understand the needs and hence the dress will be prepared in a few days. Make a decision after proper research.

An overview of how much wear the costume

Sunday, July 28, 2013

An overview of how much wear the costume

How often do you meet a man in a custom suits every day? And the proportion of men who wear a suit, how much are sick? Too much. Word dandy. You can not blame them all. The lack of resources, including never help matters.
The difference lies in the choice of colors, patterns, accessories. It's not easy. But what matters is the attitude. This series of fashion photographs gives good examples on how to properly wear a suit for a man:

dandy costume gris cravate rouge et bleueThis series of fashion photographs entitled "The Wall Street Journal" features the model Vladimir Ivanov. She was photographed by Eric Ray Davidson. It includes all the codes on the collective imaginary Exchange: Journal, briefcase, suit prim and coffee in hand.

dandy costume gris foncé chemise cravate bleues pochette noireThe styling is provided by Joseph Episcopo an array of luxurious fabrics formed by Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, Z Zegna and Gucci. Anyone a little sensitive to the suggestion run in the nearest store trademarks. Their costumes and accessories are simply irresistible.
dandy costume gris rayures noiresdandy striped gray cheap custom suits black
The cut suits is the adjusted rather than curved. The dressing confirms the trend of double-breasted jackets, and two buttons. The three-piece suits have a very modern interpretation.

dandy cotume à carreaux croisé deux boutonsTies are rather large, but are distinguished by bold patterns.
dand fuschia shirt blue pinstripe suit white mustard wallet
The tendency of the cover is greatly represented. The associations are also operated an example to follow. Mustard yellow bag blue suit, white pocket on gray suit ... the stylist would not have to visit our guide on how to attach the cover. We also wrote another on how to fold the cover.

dand chemise fuschia costume bleu à rayures blanches pochette moutardeIn short, if the custom made suits is a uniform of the modern dandy, and he wonders how much wear it, it seems to find some answers here, right?

Desert boots, shoes unusual man

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brevezinho a comment about some colors and dark suits

And when I say dark colors and I'm referring to those shades of blue and gray that are so dark that in the right light, or lack thereof, are in for a good black bespoke suit. And yes, I'm talking about the shades of gray that are super close to the black passing through it and the blue night (midnight blue), which, incidentally, is not the navy.

In these cases gives more right to treat them as black or variant. Therefore, when in doubt, use black shoes and belts with them. Or if the shade of gray or blue, though dark give the air of grace, somehow, can attempt to wear shoes and belts since very dark brown. But even very dark.

And for the record: IMHO, does not sit well with any of them use lighter variation (even mildly) not brown.

For day-to-day they fall in it's black because it's too dark, especially in the summer, which in Brazil is nonetheless January to January with either eventual break. Already super cold for a day or night (whatever dictates which) are great options, as can well be used on formal occasions thousand.

Manbags: How to use them

The best tip for anyone who is quietly

Still on … slim fit suits versus traditional – a modern battle?




Monday, July 22, 2013

Manbags: How to use them

Calls manbags, Murses (crossing with man purses), manny packs, purses guy or good Portuguese handbags men ... regardless of how the call, which does not give is to ignore them, because even in a world full of gadgets appetizing waiting to be consumed, used and carried around, no steel pocket to hang. And nor fancy man enough to handle the wave of excess they generate.
And we will match? It is high time for you to stop by the freshness and adhere. Or do you think that we women can not live without our why? Tantrum fashion? Or why they are gorgeous accessories, and wonderful très chics? Well, that too, but in addition, they allow us to load all the junk we need to survive a day in town without compromising anything in the outfit, duh. And often contributing to the tailpiece or upgrade production.
Now comes the crap and let's get to how to use these little beauties ...
Well, the best way to not miss the time to appeal to one of them is to consider the clothing that will be used. If the sports line, choose one with the feeling sporty canvas or nylon for example, that can even be colored, stamped or lisinha of Marré you.
If the eye is closer to the neat as a jacket, trousers and shirt line with social or suit, use a leather, suede, or even both could be in the form of a charge from those of a tote or even a briefcase or computer. Look no further business.
Incidentally, one of leather depending on the spirit of the bag can be used including sports or informally. Just not worth the croc that requires sophisticated fabrics for winter or running. Leave this to wear with their suits or clothing charming winter. But other smooth leather, without much freshness can be used yes. The same applies to the suede.
Color yes, but without losing the elegance
And no, you do not need to do couple have fellowship with shoes and belts. Bag coordinates with the look. Staying cool, that's what counts. If you want to use in the tone of the accessories, no problem, just do not use the exact color of them, why there is so fifties ...
Missoni color coordination
A brown, tan or beige gives basically everything as well as black can also give. A bag color can be used in good if your look is made with neutral colors without making mistakes. And if your manbag is colored, use at least one of her tone to your outfit, so they strike a good chat rather than fight among themselves for the spotlight. No that does not give to use a different color that harmonizes with your clothes ... give. But it gets more tricky! Best to avoid.
And no matching prints ... OD on right! And speaking of prints ... if you find there a hidden, know that it is a luxury and super male.

Cor sim, mas sem perder a elegânciaAnd look, you can either upload your wrist in the style "carries me I like" if you choose a duffle weekend bag or even if claimed is a briefcase. You can still use your cutting the body when the postman or move the shoulders if the bag. Or make a vice versa that would also give foot. You can even leave the prejudice aside and carry your duffle bag or tote around the shoulders as the footballer Tom Brady and trendy bag below him.
Tom Brady and his camo duffel bag! No, it is not Gisele. Is it right!

Missoni coordenação de coresJust keep an eye on the scale of the bag not to swallow you. If you do not use a softly bolsona, prefer the more restrained. If tall one, do not use anything too delicate. At most, let your taste and common sense will guide them.
And do not buy the wave of fads, think functional. Take into account the practicality of the bag such as magazines available to store all your gadgets without the need to leave them in the lost bag. And never overfill it, just enough to not look empty and useless.

Tom Brady e a sua camo duffel bag! Não, não é da Gisele não. É dele mesmo!Postman style bag in tan leather can be used with a suit since it falls within what your style is all about. Of course, not too repuxe silhouette and suit. And being young boy helps! Oh, if it helps!
If you still do not feel good "esportando" the look, try a gym bag to go, well, for the gym or walking around then sportingly. Or will say that these bags are not male? If you want, buy a hand line of necessaire-just-not-that-is, and load their junk in it. Or buy one of these folders type portfolio that looks like a henchman large and thin, but it's not, and go around with it.

Bolsa tan no estilo carteiro de couro pode ser usada com um terno desde que se enquadre dentro do que o seu estilo is all about. E claro, que não repuxe demais a silhueta e o terno. E ser jovenzinho ajuda! Oh, se ajuda!Camera bags especially leather, can do the honors and a demure way. And you know those that carry the laptop? Buy a kick-ass and walk around with her. Everyone will find that there has his laptop ... and only you will know that to be the case, but he will not be alone there. A postman bag is another highly acceptable, particularly among younger people.
Start with one, now. And then do the upgrade.
In the end is, as I mentioned on another occasion, a matter of reconfiguring your hardware ... can even get work but valhe worth the effort!

Measures of His Suit

Blazer Up Bright and Stylish 

Trends Pro Fall 2013



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blazer Up Bright and Stylish

I mean, median clear up a custom suits and neutral. And with so you can use any color shirt without plumbing problem or getting supercolorido. Even more if wear with jeans. But could use a pair of color, like a green, red, blue or purple, for example. Or make a tone on tone with the color of the shirt color.
To use a pocket handkerchief facinhos has two approaches: you can use a colored print that contains the color of the shirt and / or assembled in other colors or in plain shirt color, a tone you want. A white would be another option accurate. That said, of course you can use a color not present in the mount to give an extra touch of color. If you want.
Use a leather shoe tying gives an extra polished look. If perfect the fit and bar jeans behold another to look extra polished. The kind that always pays. But it could take a dress down using a tennis abotinado, dockie or boot.

The Quickie: The suit of a million dollars

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Quickie: The suit of a million dollars


A suit carésimo but that has not passed through the hands of a good tailor to be adjusted to your body gets face cheap. Already a suit that does not cost the nose, but it was perfectly suited to be used by you, with absolutely everything in place and long straights smells and screams Armani, even if not.

When you think of your  custom suits, think about Roberto Justus and not in David Byrne in his Talking Heads days. It may seem an exaggeration, but if a suit is not perfectly adjusted, even if not as largão as Mr. Byrne goes the same visual impression. What is not good for a look ternal!

Roberto Justus David Byrne and his huge suit

And the tie ... well, the tie must be of a high quality fabric like silk - the real deal. If a cheap fabric and to give notice, kills time production.

The Suits Rodrigo Faro and Luciano Huck

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Suits Rodrigo Faro and Luciano Huck

In a recent interview with Alpha magazine man, Rodrigo Faro demonstrated all your security, not only about her sexuality as a career option risky that became a new phenomenon of Brazilian TV, beautiful and rich at age 37. Said: "I think my attitude disarms the bomb and encourages people not to be afraid." From what we noticed your only concern is with the male attire, choosing casual bespoke suit styles and social taste and refinement, as well as the stylish slim fit suits in fine fabrics that usually appears in public, outside of television, very unlike his great performances of famous singers.

There is also less elegant presenter Luciano Huck and his friend that even though the rival IBOPE, Faro usually stay on their island in Angra dos Reis. Huck was given the difficult task of combating poverty in Brazil, but do not give up the 2 button suits slim fit that are fashionable, making visuals with skinny ties and dress shirts with Italian Collar. The two friends are men of taste and know how to dress well.

On site and Ipad version you can find out how much it looks like Luciano Huck or Rodrigo Faro. On site is also pictures of other men of style. Do not be afraid to invest in a quality suit showing that you are a man of success and good taste. Attitude is everything.

Personal Style

For those who still can not buy a slim custom made suits in pure wool fabric is recommended to opt for the rent when an occasion. However, these suits are not found in rental shops plain clothes, who deal with the popular standard. 2 button slim suits with modern fabrics in pure Italian courts are only found in Maximu's Accuracy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Personal Style

Style is how we present that reflects our identity through custom suits, hairstyles, accessories and even personal gestures. Style is like a trademark for a person transmitted by their dress and behave, calling on the tension itself as intimating want to be recognized and remembered for his vision.

Somehow the style also conveys the personality, so if you like to wear, do, talk, sit, walk and say what your profession or move about the office under your responsibility. There is a main or predominant style and others that may vary according to the occasion or new experiences. We have a style in daily work, in meetings or casual or day off work and on weekends.

Having style is not necessarily to get carried away by fads, but when wearing fashionable clothes, used parts in harmony with your personality. The style makes us more confident as we are easily perceived by others as if they want to be treated and recognized.

Matching shoes with the classic blazer and Suit

Check now the social styles of famous current and Hollywood was that even without strictly follow fashion trends, they squandered personality. What is your style?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Matching shoes with the classic blazer and Suit

Matching shoes with the classic blazer and custom made suits look is already a wildcard for many, however, running shoes have long passed away from formal dressing, but it seems that the bad reputation's days are numbered! They went straight to the academies catwalks male. At Milan Fashion Week, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes combined with white and colored suits. In Paris, they appeared in the avant-garde of Dior and also more classic names like Valentino.

They have already become hit in the summer in the northern hemisphere and are appearing a bit timid in Brazil. To ensure a composition more casual bet on tailored pants of lightweight fabrics with double bar, but remember that so it has a modern use it always suits, tailored pants or shorts, combination with jeans and shirt no longer convinces more! Another detail is important when choosing the suit, opt for modeling and more adjusted models that are super trend for summer as the double breasted jacket, for example. To maintain the elegance summer choice lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton. Ideally, to avoid mistakes is to opt for shoes with a retro-looking, in the style of famous Keds or Superga.

Wool Custom Made Suits

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wool Custom Made Suits

Customers come to us with only one thing that they are certain of: They do not want wool suits. No one would recommend a wool custom made suits for a wedding in July in the deep South, would they?
Tan Tropical Wool 3pc SuitBut often wool is just what is called for when the humidity and tempratures are extreme.
3pc tropical wool suit
A Brown Tropical Wool Suit Lined in Leno Stripe Cotton
Tropical wool is fine and lightweight.
In fact, if you purchase a cotton shirt to wear with the suit, the cotton shirting will often be quite a bit heavier. Tropical wools are often about 7.5 ounces in weight. What is more, wool breathes. It is a natural fiber that wicks away moisture and keeps you feeling dry. When you pair a tropical wool with a rayon or cotton batiste lining, it makes for a suit that is equally as summer ready as a seersucker or linen suit.
What makes tropical wool unique in the world of summer suits is that it is utterly crisp, smooth to the hand, and often has the slight sheen that comes with a superfine fabric. A tropical wool suit is in every way formal. Make a tux from it, and it is simply a tux. Make a business suit from a tropical wool, and it is simply a fine suit that is ready for business.
Linen and cotton are always a bit relaxed and summery. But tropical wool is perfect for the summer suit that doesn’t feel like a summer suit. The retro design of the vest (with the straight hem) and jacket for the tan suit was loosely inspired by some Steve McQueen movie stills that the customer sent to us. We wanted to do something that felt fresh and modern but with some interesting 1960s detailing.

Learn From Dad's Dress

Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Learn From Dad's Dress

Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics

1.  Invest wisely.
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 11.26.15 AMMy dad taught me that clothing doesn’t have to be expensive, but should be of high-quality, and that the two don’t always come together. I remember him leaving at crazy hours on Black Friday to go shopping and questioned why he would do that.  But after he came home with a Gucci blazer for $200, I stopped doubting his bargain-hunting abilities (and stole that blazer a few years later).
2.  Make a subtle statement.
Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.59.01 AM
 {While this bow tie, shirt and jacket could serve as statement pieces on their own, when put together they are visually distracting.}
polka dot
{A bold piece like this bow tie completes this polished look.}
Find one bold accessory to transform something classic into something unique.  When picking out your outfit, avoid mixing too many patterns and prints, as it tends to come off as trying too hard.  Instead, utilize one “statement piece” to to center your outfit around.
3. Confidence is key.
tumblr_mnjcr2vBfk1ryp639o1_1280Dad used to say, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.  You never know who you will come across at any time in life, and you want to be prepared.  Our clothes are the first impression we give to onlookers.  Choose clothes that build a positive self-image for the person you aspire to be.  Clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the custom made suits.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics

Heavier Men
Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics
A man with a fuller frame will benefit from a lightweight, dark custom made suits.  Suits built from bulkier textiles  that are lighter in color will only add weight, emphasizing size. Light colors make the body seem fuller while dark colors provide a slimming affect.  Choose colors like black and dark navy which are as complementary as they are classy.

Men's Jewelry

A tie clip will keep your tie from flying over your shoulder on a windy street while evoking an on-the-go lifestyle that requires such assistance. A simple stripe of gold, silver, or some other metal is acceptably classy; anything more appears gaudy. Tie clips look best worn at an angle to counteract the rigidity they connote for some.

Black Tie Men's Shirts

The dress shirt beneath a black tie jacket is always white; there is no room for negotiation here. Collars should ideally be turndown, with the collar points hidden behind the bowtie, but modern black tie (particularly in America) has come to accept the sharply-pointed wing collar as well.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bottom Heavy Men


Heavier MenWear Lightweight Dark Fabrics
A man with a fuller frame will benefit from a lightweight, dark custom made suits.  Suits built from bulkier textiles  that are lighter in color will only add weight, emphasizing size. Light colors make the body seem fuller while dark colors provide a slimming affect.  Choose colors like black and dark navy which are as complementary as they are classy.
Solids or Vertical Stripe Patterns
Solids work best to create a sleek, slender visual. Loud patterns will definitely work against you. Since vertical stripes elongate the frame, they are both appropriate and chic.
Two ButtonJackets
The most flattering look for a heavier man is the two button jacket.  The two button is versatile and won't draw attention to your bulky frame.
Single Vent / Center Vent
It is advised to avoid double-vented jackets. Vents, which are the slits at the back of the jacket, allow more movement. They also attract the eye, so huskier guys may not want to accentuate their backside. Instead, go for a single-vent jacket, which will give you the extra room you need without the extra attention.

Men's Jewelry

Men's Jewelry

A tie clip will keep your tie from flying over your shoulder on a windy street while evoking an on-the-go lifestyle that requires such assistance. A simple stripe of gold, silver, or some other metal is acceptably classy; anything more appears gaudy. Tie clips look best worn at an angle to counteract the rigidity they connote for some. A tie chain works much the same as a tie clip, but instead of a fixed bar holding your tie in place you have a drooping chain of silver or gold. Lastly there is the tie tack; it looks something like a stud earring with an inch of fine chain extending from the back. One sticks it through the center of the tie and then attaches the chain to a button hole. Since it requires poking a hole in the tie and thus damaging it, we do not recommend its usage.

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, a man does not have a rotation of wedding rings to be coordinated with the day's other jewelry. A man should be advised that a plain band, of gold, silver, or platinum, is the most stylish choice available. If you are already married and have something more ostentatious on your finger, do not fret, few people notice it and no one will think less of you for it. Besides a wedding ring, other rings of symbolic value may have a place on the well dressed hand. A class or fraternal ring is seen on many stylish men's hands. Rings worn entirely for their own sake are somewhat dubious however, since most contemporary societies frown upon such blatant displays of wealth. If you are in a position where looking rich works to your advantage, though, a ring embedded with precious stones can accomplish this within the boundaries of professional attire.

Black Tie Men's Shirts

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Black Tie Men's Shirts

The dress shirt beneath a black tie jacket is always white; there is no room for negotiation here. Collars should ideally be turndown, with the collar points hidden behind the bowtie, but modern black tie (particularly in America) has come to accept the sharply-pointed wing collar as well. Traditionalists consider the wing collar too ostentatious for proper black tie, but it is still widely available; men are here, as with peaked lapels, encouraged to consider carefully how much they want to draw attention specifically to their outfits.
Well-made dress shirts should always have a doubled-over "bib" of fabric up the front of the garment, usually decorated with narrow, closely-spaced pleats. The shirt fastens with studs, not buttons, which should always match the cufflinks and are generally restricted to black, gold, or mother-of-pearl, with black being the most common. 

Better Clothing Quality and Build
When you have a custom garment created, you are giving a very specific set of instructions to an artist who wants to realize your vision. They work their magic with your chosen fabrics, and the final product is their handmade creation, not a stale cutout from a factory. Quality is higher because each garment is individually created, inspected, and tested. You won't find that even at Brooks Brothers.