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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Stiff Collar ...

Summer Stiff Collar is an opportunity, as every year, a parade of figures ...
Week 1: cheap custom suits , flannel of Turmeric at Holland & Sherry, 370gr, white shirt and plain tie veil, white trousers in cool wool, two-tone moccasins Alden.
Costume acute notch, tropical wool Gorina, 230gr, white shirt collar and blue stripes, black and green thin, gray bow tie with blue and white polka dot bag.


Saharan shirt light mixed wool, cashmere and hemp LSD, dual chest pockets with inverted pleats, large bellows pockets, short sleeves and legs attached shoulder, belt buckle ocelot and old gold metal, cuffed shorts in cotton color cumin.
Breasted jacket wool Windowpane Check Holland & Sherry 400g unlined back, white with blue tiles with two large pockets, pocket fine silk bow tie in dupioni silk, voile shirt light blue cotton pants and blue two-tone brogues Edward Green.
Costume Super light beige caviar 120's Dugdale Brothers 280gr, semi-lined jacket with two buttons, pockets and ticket pocket, pants leg clamp and rear flap pocket, cotton shirt with thin stripes red brick, red bowtie club and brown, beige linen pouch rolled hem and brown oxfords to stretch calf-velvet Bowen.
Windbreaker jacket 'Biarritz' in assembly shirt, seersucker Holland & Sherry 235gr, five buttons, straight cut and large pockets, white shirt and red pants (Updated) in cavalry twill cotton shoes ... sneakers?

September is today, but Stiff Collar extends somewhat the summer with the last summer figurine. Drawn on the opening of Tannhäuser, it is rather high ... color: Costume almost autumnal wool Windowpane Check Holland & Sherry 400g, jacket with pockets, plaid shirt for green, burgundy plain tie and brogues in burgundy cordovan.
Three-button bespoke suits with shawl collar herringbone cashmere Holland & Sherry 310gr, wool trousers and white silk striped blue, shirt with thin red and purple stripes, blue bow tie and boots in purple pea balmoral Aubercy.
Late summer. And unfortunately already. Strong recovery time, including other blogs around me, Parisian Gentleman, The Chouan Cities etc ... And dear readers, thank you for being the rendezvous for those few sketches a little different from the usual SC. I hope that interested you. A Monday! Julien Scavini

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