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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Introduction of Formal Dress

Evening dress as men's suits pyramid, like wine champagne, cigar tobacco, ultra-running cars every hobby taste of life men must understand common sense. Perhaps you can not have a dream of ultra-running, but should at least know what it so outstanding! The is family costumes by years of classic menswear with your elegant taste of dress.
man suit,tailored suit

Before evening dress shirt details of specific knowledge, you should be on the Tuxedo system a rough concept --- Men TPO-based principles. TPO principle is the international generic respected men's dress code, where T is the time (Time) P locations (Place), O occasions (Occasion) that is in a different time, place and occasion should pay attention to its mix wearing.

man suit,tailored suit
TPO principle it classic menswear from high to low according to the formal hierarchy, in turn divided into dress uniforms and outdoor clothing. Which dress in accordance with the division of wearing time can be divided into day dresses, evening gowns and day dresses. 6:00 in the evening wearing a day dress and evening dress boundaries, that is to attend a formal daytime occasions must wear a day dress, you must wear evening dress in the evening after 6:00. However, if the advance announcement everyone, from noon activities to continue until 18:00, you can also be from noon to advance to wear evening dress.

man suit,tailored suit
As the the weather dress black tailored suit is a special case of the principles of time, such as Eabri little black dress, you can wear it to attend a full day of activities and do not care to change clothes in need, but also why it is the official rating slightly lower than the other dress.

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