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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Norton&Sons:The Brand Only To Do Luxury Bespoke Suits

bespoke suit,tailored suit

The brand founded in 1821 by Englishman Mr. Walter Charles Norton, Norton & Sons, initial service is actually not the privileged class in Britain, but the German aristocratic handmade custom uniforms and outdoor jackets a small tailored suit shop. In 1850, the company moved to the center of London's Conduit Street until 1862 before the first official service for the British royal family portal set in Savile Row, London street. Now Norton & Sons brand, the most important of the many guests still aristocratic descent in hereditary down in Germany, Austria and Italy.
Norton & Sons shop display
The Second World War, then known as "the world's best grade dressed men," the U.S. ambassador to Britain, Mr. Allied Governments really appreciate Nor ton & Sons brand, the first time it is introduced to the United States. Thanks to his influence with the promotion Nor ton & Sons brand with Hollywood's top movie stars of the United States forged a bond. Nor ton & Sons also establish their cut from the set of self-contained style: the production of lightweight, easy to wear dress jacket and hunting, often traveling dignitaries and stars accompanying essential British tailoring also the United States began to catch on to.
After the war in , Norton & Sons Men customized brand a household name in the high society of the United States. Hollywood star Gary Grant, Alfred Hitchcock, Bing Crosby, David Niven and GaryCooper irons customer.
 bespoke suit,tailored suit

Norton & Sons brand shareholder and president, Mr. Patrick Grant has been a "star" on Savile Row. Sometimes he is also a part-time doing fashion model, but only accept shooting dress suit. British brand with 190 years of history, has its own unique of some marketing model and brand concept.
The end of the 20th century, the other British brands have custom - made pioneering men's custom clothing and ordinary market, Norton & Sons insisted only continuation of the 190-year-old senior custom handmade men's. Savile Row street only a focus on high-level hand-custom menswear brand. Each year, signed by Nor ton & Sons Advanced handmade custom suit number will not be more than 300 sets
The tailors the side sewn by hand, while listening to Italian opera
Orderly development, maintenance every guest relations become Norton & Sons brand's core brand identity. Every guest pattern here is well hang in the workplace, when guests once again came to the shop, Grant is able to quickly and clearly remember their preferences and requirements, this exclusive service of humanity in is difficult to ensure that the other brands. Now the global fixed Norton & Sons guests less than one hundred, and social changes in this new century-old shop.
As an experienced senior custom handmade brand, in addition to provide excellent handmade custom services also should have a private and professional dress code suggestions and image guidance capabilities. In addition to the small number of guests tasteful, Grant is a gentleman given his dress suggestions. In addition to the architects, artists and financiers, Norton & Sons guests include fashion designer and industry elite.

 bespoke suit,tailored suit

Mr. Kim Johns, incumbent Louis Vuitton men's design director, Tom Ford is one of his customers. These fashion designers hope into the senior traditional and classic men's custom handmade craft to the design of modern menswear, Norton & Sons is proud to participate. The traditional process has become traditional British custom hand excavation and protection of the precious wealth of modern menswear designer.

The pattern of each customer are hanging in here, Grant Mr. able to clearly remember the preferences of each guest.

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