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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Suit Buttoning Guide

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Finding a suit that sits correctly on your frame is more than simply buying the one that matches your measurements the best. You also need to consider how the fabric will wrap around your body.
Finding the sweet spot is usually a matter of strategically buttoning up your jacket. But what exactly are the rules when it comes to doing up your suit?
Read on to find out the answer…

Single Button Suit
A single buttoned suit should always been done up and never allowed to float around open. Fasten up and walk proud, not flapping.
Two Button Suit
If you’re investing in a two-buttoned suit, fasten the top button but leave the bottom one undone. This way your suit will flair more gracefully when moving about.
Three Button Suit
In this instance, the middle button is the only one that should be fastened, the rest should remain untouched.
You shouldn’t really need any help whatsoever with a four or more buttoned suit, because you simply won’t be wearing one; never buy a suit with more than three buttons!
Double Breasted Suit
If you decide to ditch the slim lapels for a double-breasted suit, you should always button up the middle button but never the bottom one. Some guys also like to do up the top button too, but the choice is really up to you.
Do up all the buttons except for the final one at the bottom; this will look better unfastened when you’re sitting down or bending over.
Top Tip: Remember, if you do unbutton your suit jacket for whatever reason (usually when sitting down), you should always re-button from top to bottom to avoid missing a hole.

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