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Monday, April 15, 2013

What to Wear on a Date

You’re not the average guy. She wouldn’t want to date you if you were. But thinking outside of the box for a date night to prove your above average status can be hard work. And we all know that a poorly planned date can be like standing on the sinking Titanic, except instead of hearing the orchestra play to the bitter end, it’s just the sound of silence – and no, not Simon & Garfunkel…just actual awkward silence. So to save you from the clumsy moments of checking your smartphone for the umpteenth time in hopes that Will Smith from Hitch would save you via text (he won’t), we put together a few plug-and-play date ideas (female approved) for your next night out with that sig other (or prospect).
And remember, when it comes to planning a date night, a little sprezzatura goes a long way. You want your outfit to be just like the date itself – smooth and charming so that it looks like you tried, but not overly planned out like you tried too hard. With that said, a little thought can go a long way.
Here are five date and adjacent outfit ideas that will set you apart from the rest:

Date Idea #1: “Skip the French fries.”
Women love anything French (we asked around to confirm). Simply mention Paris and most women will have La Vie en Rose playing in their heads. There’s something overtly romantic and sexy about all things French. Parisian chic is way different from chic. Chanel Paris, way different than Chanel SoHo. This is your chance to make her feel sexy, make her think you’re cultured (whether you are or not) and increase your chances of amour. Start out with a nice French dinner and order something using the proper pronunciations – e.g., coq au vin is not pronounced “cock ow vin”, which sounds like the undesirable symptom of an STD. After dinner, watch some independent French flick with subtitles and end your evening with macaroons from somewhere like Ladurée. Make sure to buy her some to take home so she thinks of you and your romantically French evening the next day.

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