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Monday, October 22, 2012

How To Choose Men's Shirts

  How to choose men's shirts, men's shirts collocation is recommended!
  1. White shirt will never be defeated

No matter you are any bodily form, white shirt without a doubt is absolutely necessities, collocating of any color suits, all can have an overwhelming victory, also easy to give man energetic, clean feeling, and won't too bleak matt .therefore,  buying a number of white shirts are innocent, especially male is especially easy to sweat, shirt using life naturally speed up, when the shirt becomes yellow, it is unable to come back, even appearance without any damage, please also very reluctantly give up what one favors, otherwise it will make you in the poor and inferior predicament. 

  2.Stripe shirt also is safe

In general, as long as the distance between line and line is not too big, line is not too thick, it is acceptable.The most safe stripe scale, the fringe spacing is less than 1 cm, and with the rules distance arrangement, line width is very fine. As automatic pencil across the line, which is not easy error style, is worthy to recommend.

 3, lattice shirt to be careful

As stripe shirts , the area of grid is very fine, generally it is no problem.But if the grid area is very big, recreational taste is strong. Right now it is not adaptable to dress in formal occasions, because it is fail to convey the grave of momentum.But the usual holiday and leisure time, it is very nice dress .

4. Blue is popular

Now, an office worker man almost have the blue shirt, or even have several  "blue" different shirts, their importance almost like white shirt.  Everyone has the blue shirt, but each has different match ways. When shirt, tie, suit all blue , match must let different "blue" presents an administrative levels feeling.

5.Shape and shirt match

If you are a boxer's sinuous posture type, so too obvious stripe, grid pattern is not suitable for you: if you are medium type, stiff and thick shirt can ascend to you; If you are footwall sedate or long feet tall type, stripe and plaid shirt will very match with you; If you are a chunk type, plain is your only option.

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