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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Learn How to Wear Your Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie man suit was an invention really good, and really good, such as inventions, was born out of necessity. Almost all inventions come from someone who feels the need for something and then fill that need. Sometimes we tend to take for granted our inventions and expect things from them which by itself can not provide.
This is the case with the Ghillie suit. In the past, hunters, and later the military benefited from Ghillie suit. Starting today users of these costumes as hunters and paintballers on one and expect to deal with them immediately invisible. Not going to happen.
A Ghillie suit is no different than any other tool. They must learn to use it. Also, as with any tool, the tool and the artisan must be in good shape. Be less with a bad tool is best craftsmen as their best work, which is worse, the best tools in the hands of the craftsmen bad result shoddy work.
Learn to use a Ghillie suit. Send your ego for a break. Admit that we are not perfect, and ask a friend to help, critique your use of the suit. Take the time to see you in your costume, as he sees his prey. If you look at the pictures of people in their ghillie men suits, I noticed one thing in common. They still have the basic shape of a man. It is my opinion that too much attention to the color pattern and not make enough.
If your friend criticizes you in your game, they have to photograph, so you can see for yourself that their deficits lie.We says that animals do not distinguish colors. Suppose that it is true and try to find a friend to help colorblind. "Vegetables" from his suit to break the scheme, paying special attention to the area between the top of his head and the outside of the shoulders. Want to be a more like a shrub and less like a gingerbread man.
One thing is certain. If you throw in prissing Ghillie suit and go to the forest, you see. Learn to use your tools! Once you see the return of a little time and effort spent to learn how to make the most effective use of the suit, you do not need to consider the time and effort of a pain in the nether regions, but is constantly looking for more opportunities to improve themselves.

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