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Friday, October 26, 2012

Indian Designer Bandhgala Jacket or a Nehru Suit Jacket

Nehru Jacket is named as one of the essential elements of a man's suit. It is a garment that exudes the style and makes a man look very elegant.Nehru jacket, as the name implies, was popularized by Jawaharlal Nehru politician who saw a sport was very common. Nehru often wore a suit jacket, and even state visits Nehru formally. Nehru Jacket, which is well known in his day was still retains its charm.Anatomy of a man of Nehru JacketIn the simplest form of the Nehru jacket has a flap and large covered buttons. The collar is characteristic Nehru Jacket Mens. The jacket is often worn with a colorful scarf.Nehru jacket suit, the term is used to Nehru jacket and trouser suit. This is similar to the continuation of the West is often a jacket and trousers. A pair of matching pants Nehru Nehru jacket complete the costume.A longer version of the mandarin collar of the shirt or jacket as Jodhpuri sherwani. These are the styles that are common in India and are often used by people of all ages. While Sherwani is the choice for weddings and formal events, the Nehru jacket used for formal occasions and celebrations. Festivals such as Independence Day, where men dress in general are moments that are popular Nehru jacket.
Wearing a Nehru jacket suitIn recent years, used men differed Nehru, a black suit jacket with a red cover for all events, including formal meetings, important business meetings or even carry state.The simple and elegant jacket, and the fact that there used to be a versatile style, both with matching trousers, or as a jacket can be paired is a must for all men stylish clothes. The black is usually a color that is very versatile, and the same is true for Bandhgala. Chacha Nehru jacket is often dressed in light pastel colors, but these were often used as part of a process and not as an independent blazer or jacket.The Beatles are one of the most famous examples of international public opinion, admire the Nehru jacket. Apparently chose the last great artists such as Sting and Tom Jones Bandhgala jacket. The custom suit is here to stay and senior artists receive the jacket, there is no doubt that Bandhgala jacket is actually a super-chic clothes. Location Nehru jacket is a must-have for any stylish man

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