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Friday, November 23, 2012

Men’s Suits and Dressing Common Terms

man suit,men suits

Man's suit, especially in the men's game, there are several words used by Schneider or buyer. These common terms are necessary to meet the HAKA. Knowing the conditions for menswear provide perfect guidance in the selection and adaptation of men's shirts.
Mens Suits: Jackets:• Full dress: Tails or Frac• Cutaway: Smoking. It is short in length in the front and rear. It extends from the front to a wide back tail. Normally for "morning or during the day" weddings reserved.• Mandarin: standup style coat without lapels.• Tuxedo: "regular" coat• Stroller: semi-formal jacket• Single-breasted: single-breasted coats button in the center. How to leave the jacket, symmetrical face buttons in the center, the choice or jacket buttoned buttoned• Crusader Crusader: Jackets crossed the center button. As for the jacket, a lapel part removed and buttons on the other hand, usually have a fuller view of the chest area, suggesting that these layers are buttoned all the time standing.
Men's suits: Flap:There are different types of flap (generally as a collar) in favor Herrenjacke as follows:• Notch lapel: catchment triangular flap (It is the most common lapel style and popular man suit)• Peak Lapel: V-shaped lapel that points up• shawl collar: rounded lapels

man suit,men suits
Men suit: jacket and pants Material:Used in knight costume, the conditions for the various types of fabrics such as wool super 100, 110, 120 Number• combed wool: 100% wool fabric (standard) wire is usually 60 to 75 threads per inch worsted.• Super 100s: the finest wool and softer than super 100 suit for men. In yarns of material Super 100 100 threads per inch.• Super 110s: even softer than the Super 100s, thread count is 110 threads per inch.• Super 120s: Men's Suit Super 120 wool is regarded as the soft material. Super 120 in the number of threads is softer than 120 threads per inch.
man suit,men suits
Men's suits: Shirt:• Wingtip: spiked collar below. Other popular and formal election.• Mandarin: turtleneck sweater, without the points.• Neck: Like its standard-shirtCrosses in front and closes with a button cover: • Wick Cross• Material options: 100% cotton, polyester / cotton, microfibre• French cuffs: folded and closed with twins• Convertible Cuffs: uncrossed sealed envelope with twins

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