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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wear A Light Colored Suit

When one thinks of the nominal power of excellence combining the image of a dark man suit, white shirt and tie clear quickly comes to mind. For decades, this has been synonymous with Wall Street Raider, counsel for the cold meat and heart captain of industry. This was the costume. We bought it and soon had closets full of "Donald Trump". Then, curiously, at the end something happened nineties.
It was the Internet bubble and the revolution business casual. The new government was dark suit with jeans and shirts, Salvatore Ferragamo to return next 4-5 years flops.The American dress codes in the office and high-tech companies increasingly adopted a more relaxed attitude. When the bubble finally burst no return to the "bigger is better" attitude left by the thirst for power 80.

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It was there two bubbles and the Great Recession is the return of the well-dressed man. This is a case and point, how the garment has an effect on our psyche. When times were great people dressed down, even when wet. When times are tough, people felt the need to look more seriously and put the costume showed he was serious.
Follows almost any color or color is dark gray and blue side of the beach prefect way to dress the way they dress. You will notice people's reactions to you better if you dress well.
Business Week relaxed while continue to decline in all areas, the good thing is that we must return to the way Tony Soprano dark suits and sauce should not be the only clothes in the closet.

custom suits
All three must be clear colorful costumes appropriate for almost all companies are as follows:
Demand heather gray worn with a tie and a pastel shirt approach and communicates confidence, worn with a tie and an elegant combination for dinner and cocktails.
Beige cotton dress is perfect for hot days of office is a great way to dress down as she dressed

custom suits
Minutes A nice rich blue true blue is an impressive combination. He turns his head because of his color and electric shows almost absolute confidence when paired with a white shirt and dark tie.
Chris Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for clothing is required, a design house specializing in clothes for men custom suits, custom tailored shirts, tuxedos and custom sportswear for men and women.

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