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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The shoulder of a suit

tailored suit

Man suit Many words can be mixed and matched, but I'm a fan of something I've always could call as "British rolled shoulder. Others it something else, but it's really where it ends padded shoulders. Lot of Italian and American designers preference was due to the shoulder finish precisely where the bone does. a British shoulder pads laminated extend over the shoulder and rolled up his sleeves.'s a technical difference, but also a visual trick, the shoulders appear broader and arms makes better built.

A padded shoulder strap is perfect for the modern male character costume to convey, not part of the previous garment bag. If you want to try this way, Ralph Lauren Black Label acts as a shoulder cut suits Anthony.

tailored suit
A tailored suit by Ralph Lauren Black Label in the "cut Anthony. Notice how the shoulder dress extends over the shoulder, where the model is actually, and rolls, which means broader shoulders and a male body.
Keep air vents

Suit vents are the splits in the tail / rear skirt suit for men. It's simple: preference a suit, two openings (if, in fact, placed above the buttocks) offers. Let me explain:
tailored suit
A suit without vents not sit everyday on the right side of the door clothes, and would not recommend for a tuxedo.

A vent is cut mainly American and Italian couture often. Located in the center of the back of a sweater, the one movement, but not as effective as a double vent suit. Duel vents can also easy to reach under her dress and into the pockets of his trousers, without losing the overall silhouette.

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