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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Myth:The Access of The Fabric Should Not be as Thick as Possible

When A lot of friends buy clothing, they always think that the fabric is the thicker the better, which is a huge misunderstanding here, the real situation is not so, but it is expensive Pu than the thick material, many people do not know the reason,here we have the expertise to be a description for them to learn from reference purposes.

Highly developed modern technology today, it is the pursuit of natural, texture, treasure apparel products, and fabric raw materials have several properties for the people in the world today, more of this is not enough, so let its more Greek missing, it is more like, so the cycle continues, it becomes a habit of the people, it became natural to pursue hobbies, which subdivided some parameters to classify the more expensive varieties, it is similar natural products to the more the thinner the better, the woven fabric of the finer things of course, the more.

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Second, the modern chemical technology is also perfect degree, many chemical synthetic fiber quality no less than natural fibers, the higher requirements of science and technology, easily the chemical fiber spinning out of course, is thick or hard fabrics, good fine drape fabric full of chemical fiber spinning out naturally thinner, the higher the cost, reflected is good.

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