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Friday, March 29, 2013

Au Suit FAQ

1: What if I'mm not satisfy with the suit?

     All the suits are backed by our perfect fit guarantee.If the suit does not fit you,we provide a alteration fee up to 30$ to alter the suit in a local tailor shop.

2: How do you delivery the orderhow long it usually takes?

      We cooperate with World`s best express company DHL.All the orders are all delivered by air,and you will receive it in 2weeks.Also the shipping is free.
3: What if i am not confident in the measurement?

      However if you are not sure about the measurement,just send the picture of yourself together with your measurement.Our master tailors can tell whether
      your measurements are proper according to the picture.
4: Can i get a fabric sample before i order the suit i like?
      Of course.we provide this service.and the shipping is also free,you just only pay the fabric samples.
5:  What if i do not like the suit at all!

       If you are really not happy with the suit,you can apply for the remakeremake,we will do our best to make you satisfy.
6: What is the craftsmanship of the suit?

      All the suits are half canvas by hand.It is not fused.
7: What is the fabric of the suit?

       We use 100%wool super 100s.
8:Can i add a vest made of the same fabric as that of the two piece suit i like?

     Yes,of course.we can make it for you.
9: What if i want to order a suit but not available on AU Suit?

       We are a manufacturehave plenty of fabrics of different can send us the picture of the send.if there are the same fabric,we can make if for you.
10: Why the price is cheaper than others?

        We are a manufacturer of suitsupplying suits to all the retailers worldwide which also including some online custom menswear clothiers, perhaps you bought suits from them before.
11: Do you offer any discount?.

    If you order more than 5 suits including can get a 20% discount of the order.
12: Can i get the tracking number for my order?

    Once the product is sent,we will email you with the tracking number.
13: What countries do you ship to?

      We ships worldwide to most the us if your location is missing.

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