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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maintenance Suits

tailored suit

First, the basic maintenance
In any case, if you do not wear a tailored suit, must stay the proceedings and take things pockets.Withdraw tape because our clothing is easy to deform to weights.perhaps can see the costumes that you purchased with their pockets are sewn is in order to maintain the shape of the dress, many models to keep a jacket, not to mention how lazy on the cell phone in your pocket, wallet these heavy objects, so it can prolong the lifetime of each set of actions except in the long-term costs of clothing.

 tailored suit
Secondly, to restore the link
Occasional handling the situation continues to be a suit, tie, tie Goodwill store sewing elastic telescopic more, if your long-term prevention attach restored, even better adaptation to make ends soon.

 tailored suit
Thirdly, the liner must be ironed
No shirt board is the absence of the mind, people think you're a lazy one.Not paid attention to the custom suits do people come to you do not pay attention to the mentality that the face of the work. I am afraid that just as you are about the occasional picture of it, after all, the likes and dislikes of our people, influenced by the port packing

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