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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Basic Knowledge of Custom Suits

1.The ColorThere are three colors, white, black, beige, are called "wild colors." Is, then choose to place these colors can not go wrong Coat men. Color should be dark lines. Although, custom  suit gives a clean, fresh impression, elegant, light suit placement test is very competitive. The first note, light suit can not put a shirt and tie of the same color, which should be different between the interior and exterior color. Second, the suit color is difficult to correct the size, try to choose a pinstripe for larger view. Finally, do not forget that the service fee is preferable to choose a dark suit, bright light suit, it will be difficult to win the trust of the boss or client.2.Shoulder onlineWhether the suit fits depends shoulder and lower clothing line suit.The must be reasonable area.Today position sense, most of the costumes are integrated into the shoulder, the shoulder line should be longer than shoulder, the hem of the combination should be long.3.SocksEvery man should have a pair of classic shoes to match the color, it makes a good performance at all times, of course, never overlook the value of socks. Black silk socks is a perfect choice for a gentleman to match their outfits, but do not forget the socks should be long stem to avoid the embarrassment of revealing socks edge.4.BriefcasesWhatever your job is a case to fit your card.To men is largely invisible, are textured towel basic.To choose the color of the towel, the classic black and brown should be given priority because they are easy to match other articles. However, do not use small towel if you are fat, so people feel they are petty.On contrast, the form of tiny people should not be a big case.5.Ties And ShirtsDress shirts and ties a white shirt collocation is scholarship.a is suitable for every occasion and never say fashion.So outside, it is necessary that each prepare a white shirt makes a good variable placement effect with any color rule ties. The placement must be concise.Don `t try to create something new and original, if you are not sure you know your co taste.You unique flavor can not do this kind of shirt and tie placement dislike.The people to some extent reflects the level of sophistication of their interaction with others. Every professional man should have at least a collared shirt buttoned white or light blue. Equality in at least a tie plain dark blue or red wine is used during the day, there must be a link or tie pure black silk damask, when ready to attend an official dinner instead of tying.

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