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Friday, June 21, 2013


If the shirts of the early 1960s workforce are by necessity plain, the ties surely make up for it. You won’t see any novelty ties — no Mickey Mouse here, though the character existed by the time the show is set — but you will see a wide variety of patterns and colors in the Mad Men wardrobe. Even Harry Crane’s ubiquitous bow ties are colorful. The “skinny tie” look that most of the cast wears is very period, as is the richness of pattern and general preference for muted but varied colors.

Roger Sterling’s tie here is a classic example: the color is pale, but quite separate from anything he’s wearing anywhere else on his body, and the pattern is varied and even a touch elaborate. Since the Mad Men are careful never to wear patterns that are too similar to those of their suits or shirts, they can wear ties that are visually quite “busy” without looking garish or tacky.

And speaking of tacky, how about that nice tie tack (also called a tie pin) Don’s sporting? Several of the Mad Men like to use tacks or clips to brighten up their ties with a bit of a metallic flash.

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