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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Men's Gray Flannel Trousers

Any sport tailor made suits  will look good with a variety of pants. Better, though, that you own a variety of sport coats, and keep the pants simple and functional. Gray flannels go brilliantly with any jacket, and without compromising its versatility or allure. They will last for years, and like the classic navy blazer, they will never go out of style.
Pants should not be the focal point of a man's outfit; rather, a trouser's job is to quickly draw the eye upward to your sport jacket or downward to your dress shoes, and perhaps subtly flatter your legs. The fact is most men are better served highlighting another part of their body. Additionally, since the legs move next to each other, a pattern that appears elegant on the torso such as herringbone or windowpane can easily become jarring below it. It is no wonder, therefore, that virtually all men's trousers sold today are solid in color. Thus the beauty of men's solid gray (or grey) flannel trousers - simple
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