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Monday, July 1, 2013

Have A Closet Full Of Carefully Chosen Jackets In A Variety Of Fabrics

 There are many who take pride in their appearance at all times, and these will have a closet full of carefully chosen jackets in a variety of fabrics and colors. Wearing sport coats, however, does not necessarily mean owning a large wardrobe. With a blue blazer alone, you can create a huge variety of outfits for all manner of occasions. Add jackets of Harris tweed and herringbone, and you could be ready for just about anything.
Light gray custom made suits is a popular color in warmer climates, making lightweight wools and cotton a natural choice for light gray suits.
"Tropical weight" wool may actually work better than cotton for a suit coat in humid climates -- wool wicks moisture away from its wearer and resists saturation much better than cotton if it is not woven for the heat (seersucker is an example of cotton woven the right way for heat).
Even lightweight wools still have a natural drape that also make them ideal for menswear, falling smoothly down the body without seeming too sculpted or too flowing.
Summer and tropical suits are also often made of linen. This natural fiber is much lighter than wool, and tends to billow on its own. Dyed linen tends to have a very flat, matte appearance as compared to the more lustrous wool.
Cotton is a distant third material, occasionally woven in lightweight twills to make affordable suits, but these tend to wear and stain easily, and lack the breathability and water resistance of wool or linen.
Again - seersucker is the best way to wear a cotton bespoke suit in light gray - but light grey seersucker suits are the realm of custom clothiers thanks to their demand by only men who truly understand their benefits.

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