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Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Reasons To Have A Military Wedding

1.  You have earned the right – simply put, this one of the perks of serving your country.
You may not get paid well, you may get shipped to a hostile land for 18 months, and you may have to have the same haircut for 20 years……..but you can dress like a future king on your wedding day.

2.  It sets the tone for the wedding – Weddings are naturally fun events, but when military uniforms are introduced into the mix they act as a catalyst and heighten the feelings and emotions.  Solemn moments are more reflective –  joyous moments are more joyful.  Perhaps it’s how the uniforms (and the history they represent) remind us that all that is beautiful and earthly is fleeting.  And that’s why we should cherish every moment with our good friends and family.

3.  It puts you on equal footing with the bride – Most grooms, especially in the pictures, play second fiddle to the bride.  When you wear your uniform, don’t be surprised when you start to become the person everyone wants a picture with.  The infusion of color, great fit, and classic lines shaped over centuries will make your outfit something everyone wants to have a picture with.  All you have to do is just smile!

4.  You save money – A large cost for many grooms and groomsmen are tuxedo rentals or the buying of new suits that actually fit.  You already own your uniform so no need to spend more there – assuming your groomsmen are service members as well they have the same luxury.  An added benefit is that your dress uniform should fit reasonably well thanks to inspections, you being in great shape, and military regulations requiring a form fit.  In fact for many men their dress uniform is the best fitting garment they’ll ever own (unless they go custom).
5.  You get to pull out a sword – I don’t need to elaborate on this point.  Anytime you can wear a sword and use it, outside of combat, makes for a memorable event.
A few points worth considering
Medals – If you’re newly commissioned or enlisted, chances are you have very few if any.  Don’t worry about it.  I personally love the look of a clean uniform without the fruit salad.
Swords – Be courteous of others and the institutions you’re interacting with.  Some churches do not allow swords inside – respect this and work around it.
Wearing your military uniform to a wedding as a guest – unless it is a military wedding where other uniformed men will be present, I advise caution in wearing your uniform and suggest you wear a suit.  Although you have earned the right to wear your uniform, the event you’re attending isn’t about you and a gentleman  isn’t out to steal the limelight from the bride and groom by displaying his medals and colors on another person’s big day.  Instead wear a well fitted classic wedding suit that subtly displays your masculine physique.

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