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Sunday, May 19, 2013

We *Don’t* want to wear: Your Dress Shirt

dress shirt

Surprised? I know. It seems these days you can’t shake a stick without hitting a TV commercial or magazine ad featuring a woman wearing a man’s white dress shirt (and presumably nothing else), buttoned just high enough and stopping just low enough. But you know what? I have no interest in wearing a man’s dress shirt, and I don’t know of any of my girlfriends who do either (though maybe we’re just not Sex & the City-level comfortable with that kind of talk). The starched collars don’t exactly scream comfort, and besides, we already have a nighttime option from your closet; see “Your t-shirt” above.

A reaction to all this sartorial subterfuge could be to get mad or annoyed. Women’s closets are already stuffed with clothes; do we really need to borrow yours to round out our wardrobe? Not really, but I suggest you go easy on your wife or girlfriend the next time she nicks your favorite (fill in the blank). Women love wearing their man’s clothes, almost any of them, but it’s not like she’s going to stretch them out. And if you’re lucky, she’ll wash what she wore, and even fold it so you don’t have to.
What’s more, and you probably know this already – I hope you know this already – it’s not so much about the perfect fit of your intramural football team t-shirt, it’s about it being YOUR intramural football team t-shirt. Us ladies can get possessive too. Wearing your clothes is a way to mark our territory…sartorially.

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