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Monday, May 13, 2013

Large Inventory, Average Selection

Walking into the store we were impressed by the wide selection of suits.  The walls and racks were covered with men suits and sports coats.  There were even separate sections with long suits for people like us with longer arms.  This was easily one of the largest inventories of suits we’ve seen in a retail store.  However, the numerous offerings were not very diverse in terms of fit and color.  If you want a black, dark grey, or dark navy suit, this is a great place to shop.  Men’s Wearhouse is not a great place to shop for a light navy or light grey suit.  Similar to the limited color selections, we also noticed most of the suits were cut in a traditional fit (there were few modern options).  This means the suit jackets extended further down the torso than modern suits, and tended to have larger lapels, wider misections, and thicker shoulders.  Tailoring can help to account for some of these issues, but we find it’s nice to start  out with a slim fit while shopping (if that’s your personal preference).  That way the suit doesn’t have to be tailored as much and this helps reduce the overall price.  The materials selection was fairly diverse; the majority of the suits were made of cotton, wool, worsted wool, and linen.

One of the problems we personally experienced at the store was the lack of separate suit jackets.  The majority of the jackets were part of a suit and included pants and sometimes a vest as well.  We were searching for suit jackets we could wear as sports coats and had little luck finding options in our sizes.  Not only that, if a jacket came with pants you had to purchase the whole set.  As far as sizes go, Steven is usually a 38L and there were less than a dozen individual jackets in that size to look at.  Matthew tends to be a 42L, and despite the larger selection there were approximately 5 individual jackets for him to examine.  The large inventory with regard to other products helps make up for some of this shortfall.  There were 3 tables filled with silk ties (no cotton or knit ties though), and the colors and pattern selections were fairly conservative (a lot of greys, blues, reds, and golds).  All in all, the inventory was huge for the size of the store, but the styles and selections of the products seem to indicate the store was geared towards an older clientele.

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