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Sunday, May 19, 2013

6 Pieces Of Clothing Women Want To Steal From You

This is a guest post from my friend Megan over at Style Girlfriend - visit her blog for more men’s style advice from a woman’s perspective!

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When it comes to clothes, women act like magnets around the closets of stylish men.
We seem to be attracted to what you’re wearing through some strange, unexplained force of nature.
What was hanging in your closet, flung on your bed, on you even – whoosh – she’s suddenly got on and is heading out the door.
This clever vanishing act your female companion performs on the contents of your wardrobe can happen at any time, to nearly any article of clothing. The sweater you wanted to wear to work today? Sorry, it’s crumpled at the bottom of one of her purses (not the one she’s carrying now, of course) because she borrowed it a week ago at the movies. The sweatpants you were planning to wear to bed? She’s already got ‘em on.
So what are the clothing items most women want to steal?
Here is a quick hit list of the 6 clothing items your lady is most likely to swipe.

1. Your Light-Weight Jacket

We just need to run to the store for a minute, and yours slides on so easily over whatever we have on. Even better? How dainty we look when we’re wearing it. …Right? Don’t you think we look dainty? (Hint: this is a great time to say we look dainty)

2. Your T-Shirts

Where do I even begin? Which t-shirt? Every t-shirt. The best? Your oldest t-shirt. I close my eyes and daydream about the wonderfulness that is a guy’s t-shirt on my torso. You’ve spent years artfully beating the crap out of the tees in your dresser drawer, and I’d like to thank you for that on behalf of womankind. Now please let us put one on so we can snuggle next to you on the couch and watch a movie.
Tip to try: The next time your lady love stays over, have the t-shirt you know she likes the most waiting – clean and folded – for her.

3. Your Hat

Oh man, do girls ever love stealing hats from guys. The first hat I ever stole was a trucker hat from a guy friend who I just happened to be completely in love with my freshman year in college. (In my defense, my college years coincided with the short window in time when trucker hats were still cool) I wore that thing everywhere and was all too happy to tell people who it really belonged to. This love affair with men’s hats is universal. Winter beanies, snapback caps, fedoras of particularly small-domed men – none are safe from a woman’s grasp.

4. Your Favorite Sweaters

Now we’re talking. There is nothing a woman likes more than a comfortable sweater, and nothing’s more comfortable than a sweater two sizes too big. The chances of clothing robbery increase with quality level. Polyester blend? Perfectly safe in your closet. Cashmere or merino wool? If you’re really attached to it, you might want to hide it somewhere high up.

5. Your Suit Coat

Is there anything prettier than a girl in a fancy dress with her man’s jacket draped around her shoulders? Trick question, the answer is no. No there isn’t.
Tip to try: On your next date night out, make a point to wear a blazer, even if you usually never dress up. At the slightest hint of a breeze, offer it up. Even if she doesn’t need it, she’ll appreciate the gesture.

6. Your Hooded Sweatshirt.

While you may find us more attractive when we’re wearing more form-fitting clothes, I hope you don’t mind how much us ladies love wearing your oversized activewear. Your alma mater’s hoodie, the one with the grease stains on it and tear in the elbow? We would wear that thing to church if we could. Thank you, by the way, for breaking it in so well for us. A good hoodie is such a find that females will stoop to stealing any one they can find – boyfriend, brother, co-worker – no man’s sweatshirt is safe.
Tip to try: Wear yours over to her house, then leave it when you go. She’ll love smelling like you the rest of the week (or til she decides to wash it).

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