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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why You Want to Wear Cardigan Sweater

More Style for Your Buck
Let’s talk style first.
The cardigan opens down the front instead of pulling over the head, meaning it can be worn open or closed.
Open it functions a lot like a jacket in the way it frames your torso but gives a softer, more casual shape.
Good cardigans will give a little taper at the waist to flatter your figure the same way a suit coat does.
Closed, the cardigan has a little more visual texture to it but works just fine as a regular sweater would.  You can wear it under a sports jacket, over a dress shirt and necktie, with jeans or with dress slacks, and so on.
Between the two ways of wearing it you’re looking at something that can be an outer layer, a jacket, a surrogate waistcoat, the bottom layer under a sport coat, and — in warmer weather — just an accent draped over your shoulders.
That’s a lot of use from one piece of clothing.

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