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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Natural Shoulder

Fear not, this is not an umpteenth political listing for the European elections (that gave way to the arrival of strange, to say the least, listings such as “Cannabis without borders” and the likes), nor an association of butchers up in arms to defend the shoulder of organic lamb. It is rather tailors across Europe that have joined forces to defend and promote the so-called natural shoulder.
To complement yesterday’s post on the “war of shoulders” raging in Italy, here is a EUROPEAN selection (in parallel with current events) of the bespoke labels most representative of this style which is, contrary to widespread beliefs, is far from being exclusive to Italy.
Specifically, three labels are defending the soft shoulder (with little to no padding) tooth and nail: Anderson & Sheppard in England, Knize in Austria and, of course Rubinacci in Italy.
Here are a few gorgeous bespoke creations by these three highly recommended labels (of which Knize, originally from Czechoslovakia but now based in Vienna, is probably the least known)
men suits
An Anderson & Sheppard London window
men suits
A gorgeous three piece SB Knize suit

men suits

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