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Sunday, July 28, 2013

An overview of how much wear the costume

How often do you meet a man in a custom suits every day? And the proportion of men who wear a suit, how much are sick? Too much. Word dandy. You can not blame them all. The lack of resources, including never help matters.
The difference lies in the choice of colors, patterns, accessories. It's not easy. But what matters is the attitude. This series of fashion photographs gives good examples on how to properly wear a suit for a man:

dandy costume gris cravate rouge et bleueThis series of fashion photographs entitled "The Wall Street Journal" features the model Vladimir Ivanov. She was photographed by Eric Ray Davidson. It includes all the codes on the collective imaginary Exchange: Journal, briefcase, suit prim and coffee in hand.

dandy costume gris foncé chemise cravate bleues pochette noireThe styling is provided by Joseph Episcopo an array of luxurious fabrics formed by Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, Z Zegna and Gucci. Anyone a little sensitive to the suggestion run in the nearest store trademarks. Their costumes and accessories are simply irresistible.
dandy costume gris rayures noiresdandy striped gray cheap custom suits black
The cut suits is the adjusted rather than curved. The dressing confirms the trend of double-breasted jackets, and two buttons. The three-piece suits have a very modern interpretation.

dandy cotume à carreaux croisé deux boutonsTies are rather large, but are distinguished by bold patterns.
dand fuschia shirt blue pinstripe suit white mustard wallet
The tendency of the cover is greatly represented. The associations are also operated an example to follow. Mustard yellow bag blue suit, white pocket on gray suit ... the stylist would not have to visit our guide on how to attach the cover. We also wrote another on how to fold the cover.

dand chemise fuschia costume bleu à rayures blanches pochette moutardeIn short, if the custom made suits is a uniform of the modern dandy, and he wonders how much wear it, it seems to find some answers here, right?

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