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Friday, July 5, 2013

Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics

Heavier Men
Wear Lightweight Dark Fabrics
A man with a fuller frame will benefit from a lightweight, dark custom made suits.  Suits built from bulkier textiles  that are lighter in color will only add weight, emphasizing size. Light colors make the body seem fuller while dark colors provide a slimming affect.  Choose colors like black and dark navy which are as complementary as they are classy.

Men's Jewelry

A tie clip will keep your tie from flying over your shoulder on a windy street while evoking an on-the-go lifestyle that requires such assistance. A simple stripe of gold, silver, or some other metal is acceptably classy; anything more appears gaudy. Tie clips look best worn at an angle to counteract the rigidity they connote for some.

Black Tie Men's Shirts

The dress shirt beneath a black tie jacket is always white; there is no room for negotiation here. Collars should ideally be turndown, with the collar points hidden behind the bowtie, but modern black tie (particularly in America) has come to accept the sharply-pointed wing collar as well.

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