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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Suits Rodrigo Faro and Luciano Huck

In a recent interview with Alpha magazine man, Rodrigo Faro demonstrated all your security, not only about her sexuality as a career option risky that became a new phenomenon of Brazilian TV, beautiful and rich at age 37. Said: "I think my attitude disarms the bomb and encourages people not to be afraid." From what we noticed your only concern is with the male attire, choosing casual bespoke suit styles and social taste and refinement, as well as the stylish slim fit suits in fine fabrics that usually appears in public, outside of television, very unlike his great performances of famous singers.

There is also less elegant presenter Luciano Huck and his friend that even though the rival IBOPE, Faro usually stay on their island in Angra dos Reis. Huck was given the difficult task of combating poverty in Brazil, but do not give up the 2 button suits slim fit that are fashionable, making visuals with skinny ties and dress shirts with Italian Collar. The two friends are men of taste and know how to dress well.

On site and Ipad version you can find out how much it looks like Luciano Huck or Rodrigo Faro. On site is also pictures of other men of style. Do not be afraid to invest in a quality suit showing that you are a man of success and good taste. Attitude is everything.

Personal Style

For those who still can not buy a slim custom made suits in pure wool fabric is recommended to opt for the rent when an occasion. However, these suits are not found in rental shops plain clothes, who deal with the popular standard. 2 button slim suits with modern fabrics in pure Italian courts are only found in Maximu's Accuracy.

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