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Monday, July 22, 2013

Manbags: How to use them

Calls manbags, Murses (crossing with man purses), manny packs, purses guy or good Portuguese handbags men ... regardless of how the call, which does not give is to ignore them, because even in a world full of gadgets appetizing waiting to be consumed, used and carried around, no steel pocket to hang. And nor fancy man enough to handle the wave of excess they generate.
And we will match? It is high time for you to stop by the freshness and adhere. Or do you think that we women can not live without our why? Tantrum fashion? Or why they are gorgeous accessories, and wonderful très chics? Well, that too, but in addition, they allow us to load all the junk we need to survive a day in town without compromising anything in the outfit, duh. And often contributing to the tailpiece or upgrade production.
Now comes the crap and let's get to how to use these little beauties ...
Well, the best way to not miss the time to appeal to one of them is to consider the clothing that will be used. If the sports line, choose one with the feeling sporty canvas or nylon for example, that can even be colored, stamped or lisinha of Marré you.
If the eye is closer to the neat as a jacket, trousers and shirt line with social or suit, use a leather, suede, or even both could be in the form of a charge from those of a tote or even a briefcase or computer. Look no further business.
Incidentally, one of leather depending on the spirit of the bag can be used including sports or informally. Just not worth the croc that requires sophisticated fabrics for winter or running. Leave this to wear with their suits or clothing charming winter. But other smooth leather, without much freshness can be used yes. The same applies to the suede.
Color yes, but without losing the elegance
And no, you do not need to do couple have fellowship with shoes and belts. Bag coordinates with the look. Staying cool, that's what counts. If you want to use in the tone of the accessories, no problem, just do not use the exact color of them, why there is so fifties ...
Missoni color coordination
A brown, tan or beige gives basically everything as well as black can also give. A bag color can be used in good if your look is made with neutral colors without making mistakes. And if your manbag is colored, use at least one of her tone to your outfit, so they strike a good chat rather than fight among themselves for the spotlight. No that does not give to use a different color that harmonizes with your clothes ... give. But it gets more tricky! Best to avoid.
And no matching prints ... OD on right! And speaking of prints ... if you find there a hidden, know that it is a luxury and super male.

Cor sim, mas sem perder a elegânciaAnd look, you can either upload your wrist in the style "carries me I like" if you choose a duffle weekend bag or even if claimed is a briefcase. You can still use your cutting the body when the postman or move the shoulders if the bag. Or make a vice versa that would also give foot. You can even leave the prejudice aside and carry your duffle bag or tote around the shoulders as the footballer Tom Brady and trendy bag below him.
Tom Brady and his camo duffel bag! No, it is not Gisele. Is it right!

Missoni coordenação de coresJust keep an eye on the scale of the bag not to swallow you. If you do not use a softly bolsona, prefer the more restrained. If tall one, do not use anything too delicate. At most, let your taste and common sense will guide them.
And do not buy the wave of fads, think functional. Take into account the practicality of the bag such as magazines available to store all your gadgets without the need to leave them in the lost bag. And never overfill it, just enough to not look empty and useless.

Tom Brady e a sua camo duffel bag! Não, não é da Gisele não. É dele mesmo!Postman style bag in tan leather can be used with a suit since it falls within what your style is all about. Of course, not too repuxe silhouette and suit. And being young boy helps! Oh, if it helps!
If you still do not feel good "esportando" the look, try a gym bag to go, well, for the gym or walking around then sportingly. Or will say that these bags are not male? If you want, buy a hand line of necessaire-just-not-that-is, and load their junk in it. Or buy one of these folders type portfolio that looks like a henchman large and thin, but it's not, and go around with it.

Bolsa tan no estilo carteiro de couro pode ser usada com um terno desde que se enquadre dentro do que o seu estilo is all about. E claro, que não repuxe demais a silhueta e o terno. E ser jovenzinho ajuda! Oh, se ajuda!Camera bags especially leather, can do the honors and a demure way. And you know those that carry the laptop? Buy a kick-ass and walk around with her. Everyone will find that there has his laptop ... and only you will know that to be the case, but he will not be alone there. A postman bag is another highly acceptable, particularly among younger people.
Start with one, now. And then do the upgrade.
In the end is, as I mentioned on another occasion, a matter of reconfiguring your hardware ... can even get work but valhe worth the effort!

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