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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Personal Style

Style is how we present that reflects our identity through custom suits, hairstyles, accessories and even personal gestures. Style is like a trademark for a person transmitted by their dress and behave, calling on the tension itself as intimating want to be recognized and remembered for his vision.

Somehow the style also conveys the personality, so if you like to wear, do, talk, sit, walk and say what your profession or move about the office under your responsibility. There is a main or predominant style and others that may vary according to the occasion or new experiences. We have a style in daily work, in meetings or casual or day off work and on weekends.

Having style is not necessarily to get carried away by fads, but when wearing fashionable clothes, used parts in harmony with your personality. The style makes us more confident as we are easily perceived by others as if they want to be treated and recognized.

Matching shoes with the classic blazer and Suit

Check now the social styles of famous current and Hollywood was that even without strictly follow fashion trends, they squandered personality. What is your style?

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