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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Quickie: The suit of a million dollars


A suit carésimo but that has not passed through the hands of a good tailor to be adjusted to your body gets face cheap. Already a suit that does not cost the nose, but it was perfectly suited to be used by you, with absolutely everything in place and long straights smells and screams Armani, even if not.

When you think of your  custom suits, think about Roberto Justus and not in David Byrne in his Talking Heads days. It may seem an exaggeration, but if a suit is not perfectly adjusted, even if not as largão as Mr. Byrne goes the same visual impression. What is not good for a look ternal!

Roberto Justus David Byrne and his huge suit

And the tie ... well, the tie must be of a high quality fabric like silk - the real deal. If a cheap fabric and to give notice, kills time production.

The Suits Rodrigo Faro and Luciano Huck

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