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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bottom Heavy Men


Heavier MenWear Lightweight Dark Fabrics
A man with a fuller frame will benefit from a lightweight, dark custom made suits.  Suits built from bulkier textiles  that are lighter in color will only add weight, emphasizing size. Light colors make the body seem fuller while dark colors provide a slimming affect.  Choose colors like black and dark navy which are as complementary as they are classy.
Solids or Vertical Stripe Patterns
Solids work best to create a sleek, slender visual. Loud patterns will definitely work against you. Since vertical stripes elongate the frame, they are both appropriate and chic.
Two ButtonJackets
The most flattering look for a heavier man is the two button jacket.  The two button is versatile and won't draw attention to your bulky frame.
Single Vent / Center Vent
It is advised to avoid double-vented jackets. Vents, which are the slits at the back of the jacket, allow more movement. They also attract the eye, so huskier guys may not want to accentuate their backside. Instead, go for a single-vent jacket, which will give you the extra room you need without the extra attention.

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