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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blazer Up Bright and Stylish

I mean, median clear up a custom suits and neutral. And with so you can use any color shirt without plumbing problem or getting supercolorido. Even more if wear with jeans. But could use a pair of color, like a green, red, blue or purple, for example. Or make a tone on tone with the color of the shirt color.
To use a pocket handkerchief facinhos has two approaches: you can use a colored print that contains the color of the shirt and / or assembled in other colors or in plain shirt color, a tone you want. A white would be another option accurate. That said, of course you can use a color not present in the mount to give an extra touch of color. If you want.
Use a leather shoe tying gives an extra polished look. If perfect the fit and bar jeans behold another to look extra polished. The kind that always pays. But it could take a dress down using a tennis abotinado, dockie or boot.

The Quickie: The suit of a million dollars

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