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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brevezinho a comment about some colors and dark suits

And when I say dark colors and I'm referring to those shades of blue and gray that are so dark that in the right light, or lack thereof, are in for a good black bespoke suit. And yes, I'm talking about the shades of gray that are super close to the black passing through it and the blue night (midnight blue), which, incidentally, is not the navy.

In these cases gives more right to treat them as black or variant. Therefore, when in doubt, use black shoes and belts with them. Or if the shade of gray or blue, though dark give the air of grace, somehow, can attempt to wear shoes and belts since very dark brown. But even very dark.

And for the record: IMHO, does not sit well with any of them use lighter variation (even mildly) not brown.

For day-to-day they fall in it's black because it's too dark, especially in the summer, which in Brazil is nonetheless January to January with either eventual break. Already super cold for a day or night (whatever dictates which) are great options, as can well be used on formal occasions thousand.

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